[Noisebridge-discuss] We can tolerate Cynthia fine. We set out to improve Noisebridge and we have done so. Mission accomplished.

Nihilistik Punk nihilistikpunk at gmail.com
Sun May 6 03:50:51 UTC 2012

I know how much everybody really liked my earlier avatar, because the image
is such good evidence that he was a really good consumer of Nazi brains.


However, in the interests of being more welcoming to n00byz,  I have put up
another one.

Those who were harassing and intimidating people, and generally being
unexcellent douchebags to us there, have hidden behind the catchphrase,
"Shut up and hack," for a very long time now.

They do this as part of their strategy of presenting themselves as if it is
only they who are the  excellent ones. It is for this reason that they can
usually point to some cute gizmo or project they've been working on as
proof that they are hacking. If you left your prototype tricorder at home,
they just sneer and might start trying to harass *you*.

Their public behavior is so vile, one can only wonder at their behavior
behind closed doors.

They forgot, or attempt to hide the fact, that Noisebridge and its
community share the value of ethical hacking. As such, they have graduated
from being mere trolls, and are now guilty of being malevolent hackers.

It is our burden at Noisebridge to share space and time with them, or at
least it has been up to now.

Gee, do ya think that the weird things happening, stuff having been moved
around, ZZZ sleeping for some reason, etc., is linked to them being such
douchebags, their harassing and intimidating people, etc?

I think that might be the case. The Lord is displeased with the unethical,
malevolent hackers at Noisebridge, and their mistakes, and has taken action
to correct them.

To quote Psalm 94,

" Lord God, you punish
    the guilty.
    Show what you are like
    and punish them now.
 You judge the earth."

Lord have mercy upon us.
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