[Noisebridge-discuss] A Modest Proposal III ( The old west )

Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Tue May 8 17:40:22 UTC 2012

I recommend the banning of all traffic on this list that does not
include a link to or a picture of a current hack showing appreciable
and NEW progress attached to any message.

It's sort of like captcha for hackers.  If you aren't hacking you
don't get to post.  That simple.

Or we could use hacks as karma or something.  Where hacks buy you
mailing list posting privileges.

This could eliminate some of the more annoying elements of this list.
In fact, probably the vast majority of this list.  Possibly the entire
list with the exception of myself and like 2 other people.

And oh how glorious that would be.  A hack filled list of awesome.
For all to read, and draw inspiration from.  Rather than this
intolerable parade of rampant stupidity.


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