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Alan Rockefeller alanrockefeller at gmail.com
Tue May 8 20:47:49 UTC 2012

There is a bit of confusion about Cynthia.

The problem is that she is not a hacker, she is a homeless person who uses
the noisebridge kitchen.

This would be fine if it was just a day or 2, but she was showing up nearly
every day for a year.

Do we want homeless people who have no kitchen to use the noisebridge

Cynthia is a nice person and I have had only positive interactions with
her.  She is a little crazy, but never in a bad or unsafe way.

Some people think that Noisebridge should only be for hackers.  Other
people think that Noisebridge is for everyone.

I see it both ways.  If we let all homeless people in SF use the kitchen,
it would be very crowded.  And not in a good way.

I am fine with non-hackers coming to noisebridge occasionally, but they
shouldn't be there too often.  When they do show up every day and hack
nothing, I sometimes ask them to come around less often.

When non-hackers show up to noisebridge once a week or less, that is cool.
 When they show up every day for many hours, I get annoyed at them and ask
them what they are working on, implying that they should be working on

Calling the police on her was bad, but what were they supposed to do -
admit defeat?  I would have admitted defeat, but I understand why they

I have tried to kick people out of noisebridge before.  9 times out of 10
they leave.  When they say "no, I am not leaving..." I say ok, and go do
something else.

I can think of 2 other people  who are rather Cynthia-like.  I don't know
what to do about them.  I like both those people, but I think they come to
noisebridge too often.

The fact that none of these people are bad folks complicates the problem.

We could make a policy about this.  Or we could keep doing what we are
doing, let people do-ocratically decide.  What we have been doing does work
- There were about 60 people at noisebridge last night and all of them were
awesome.  Kicking people out isn't fun or fair and I don't like doing it,
but occasionally I do because Noisebridge is not a homeless shelter.
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