[Noisebridge-discuss] Another visit from Brazilian hackerspace guy

Alex Porto alex.itajuba at gmail.com
Wed May 9 02:45:26 UTC 2012

Hello, people from NoiseBridge

My name is Alex. I'm a member of Garoa Hacker Clube, from Brazil. I believe
some of you know some of our guys (Juca, Pitanga, Luciano, etc). I believe
there are even some of you that actually came to Garoa some time
ago.(Rachel, I believe).

Next week I'll be in San Jose and want to take some time to know Noise
Bridge. And I'm planning to take one of our hacking projects with me.

Last weekend we hosted our "Hacker Overnight", a straight 48 hours series
of workshops, talks and other hacking-related activities. One of those
activities was building a light-painting device. I'm planning to bring this
project to Noise Bridge to take some photos around the space. Do you think
this is ok? I'm not planning to take photos of nobody in special, just two
or three photos using NB space as scenario. I believe Garoa guys will love
to see their logo light-printed on NB environment!

Also, I know that some Garoa guys subscribe this list. So, if you're one of
them, PLLLLEEEEASSE, don't tell the others. It's gonna be a surprise! :)

Here is the flickr set of my pictures using this device:

If you're interested, we have other photos. The device is, of course,

Best regards,

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