[Noisebridge-discuss] surface-mount rework pre-heater

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed May 9 08:07:36 UTC 2012

I have donated a hot-air rework station to noisebridge.

It is a metal thing with blue and black and silver metal, and a 
centrifugal fan, and it has ducts which flow hot air onto the top and 
bottom of a circuitboard you want to rework.

the idea is that you bring the whole board up to a high temperature, and 
then when you direct hotter air at a specific part (using our very 
excellent hot-air soldering station) it doesn't have far to go to get to 
the point where the solder is molten.

it makes all the difference.

Please do not do anything which will cause nasty chemicals to fall into 
the duct below, because it will be breathing it out (heated) into our 
environment.  In the meantime, happy surface-mount soldering.


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