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Thu May 10 00:22:34 UTC 2012

# here ye! here ye!

# WE are currently seeking NB hacker's, maker's, culinary crazy's, NB
youth's, dirty room dweller's, and troll hunter's response to...

# the idea of having a mini-maker faire @ NB the same days of the maker
faire 2012.19.20.05

# you don't have to have completed things to demo but if you do that is
most excellent

# no worries about time to prep for it, just everyone come together and set
up cool shit to hack on

# cross pollination between groups that meet regularly is greatly
encouraged as is bringing NB kids to be youth ambassadors to visiting kids

# tastebridge throwing down two days of culinary madness and tasty treats
will be awesome

# WE can have things screening as well (suggestions welcome)

# unfortunately mitch and his world famous soldering tent will not be
around but he loved the idea and hoped i could make it happen

# i am seeking volunteers with soldering knowledge to do a small area (as
other things will need space)

# it will actually be very cool to have everyone actively 'making/hacking'
all over the house and there will be A LOT of people in town for the
'other' faire

# they will most likely come by

# and WE can have a live feed to the NB table @ the maker faire and anyone
there willing to hook up with US as they walk around

# *so what say you? does this interest anyone?
# WE have the space and the time to do it and i have gotten very positive
response from the few i have asked thus far

# *please just keep this thread going to respect the list and not clog it
up with related threads
# hope some of you are into it and have some cool ideas

# dust off your funky hats, wipe down your steampunkd glasses, and bring
your enchanted troll sword(s)

# very cool and extra credit if an actual swordsmith came and set up a
forging area in the dirty room...

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