[Noisebridge-discuss] [drama] Something you need to be aware of

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Thu May 10 08:48:35 UTC 2012

I was hoping to avoid this shit but obviously Robert's issues are going to
take precedence over everyone else's work, as usual.

A couple nights ago in the NB kitchen (the night of Monday, May 10), I
confronted Robert (Rayce) about some shady shit he's doing to a couple
people who are my friends & his housemates. He replied (bizarrely) by
raising the issue of my sexual orientation & asking me if I wanted to suck
his cock. Right there in the NB kitchen. A friend of mine was standing with
us & witnessed the entire exchange. A second friend was sitting nearby &
heard it all as well. It was really fuckin' weird.

Tonight I found an email from a NB friend telling me Robert is now
spreading rumors about me having sexual conversations with him. These
conversations never happened. I have no sexual interest in Robert.
Actually, I want him to go away. I would love to work at Noisebridge with
him not here - for a week, a day, one good hour. Can't remember the last
time that happened. No matter what time of day or night I come to NB, he is
*always* here.

I've known for a long time he has issues  -- the night in January when he
flipped out at the Tuesday meeting & ended up destroying my former home was
the first clue -- but this latest tangent of his is just too weird. For the
record, I don't make an issue of my sexual orientation at NB - never have -
not because I'm in the closet, but because I don't see that it has any
relevance to the work I do here. I'm also celibate & have been for a while
now, which makes the accusations all the more ludicrous.

When I read the email tonight about the lies, I asked Robert to talk to me
about it. He has so far refused. (I'm sitting several yards away from him
as I type this.) He made a comment the other night to the effect that I
have no credibility, so I guess he thinks he can just make up lies like
this. I want the community at large to be aware of this, in case Mr. Rayce
is building up to another one of his eruptions -- I've already seen what
he's capable of in that state. I love Noisebridge, but I hate having to
deal with this shit every time I come to NB. I've stayed away from NB for
days, weeks, even a full month (in Jan-February) because I don't want to be
around him & the weird head games he keeps playing. It's obvious to me that
Robert has some kind of issue with his sexuality or homophobia problem that
I'm not gonna be able to help him with. If any of you cares about him & has
suggestions of how to help him with this, please step forward. No joke!

OK. I'm done dealing w/ Robert's problems now. Gonna get back to work.
Hopefully this bullshit stops so I don't have to stop coming to NB

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