[Noisebridge-discuss] neuro hacking at noisebridge

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Sat May 12 03:21:10 UTC 2012

Hey folks, I just pushed past the hump on a big academic project and
I'm finally getting my shit together and centralizing some resources
for neuro hacking at Noisebridge.

Some wiki pages here:
(I went ahead and included the main page for good ol' Sensebridge, and
it's probably worth digging through all of the Sensebridge pages,
cause there's some good stuff there)

And there's this mailing list:

If you're interested any of these projects, please join up on the
mailing list. I've renamed the old OpenEEG list with the intention to
include stimulation and other biomonitoring so there's actually
already a bunch of people on the neuro list, but it's been very

If you have any expertise/knowledge you'd like to share, please edit
the wiki as you choose. The TDCS page still needs some work, but there
are a few people working on that, so hopefully it will get fleshed

The OpenEEG page is old and dead but I know that some people have made
mouth noises about building new EEG boards so I would love to demolish
that page and use it to spec out the new generation of boards.

And I'm pretty hellbent on getting the analog amp digitized (see
extensive wiki documentation) sufficiently so that we can buzz open
the door with brainwaves before August. Help me!


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