[Noisebridge-discuss] grantwriting / bubblewrap from outer space

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Sat May 12 06:09:19 UTC 2012

Two quick things:

1. I am helping Francisco develop his vinegar/cider business. We need
someone with grantwriting experience to teach us how to write a grant &
draw up a business proposal for a green business that will involve the
community. We want to employ underserved populations (youth in particular)
to help gather & prep the produce needed for Francisco's product. I will be
an excellent communicator, can write great copy for advertising &
promotion, design labels for the products, etc. - but I lack the small
business management/grantwriting/etc experience. Francisco's at NB all the
time; I'm a little unpredictable, but find me in the space or message me
back & I'll give ya my cell.

2. I found a roll of amazing material atop the refrigerator. It's like
silvery bubble wrap from outer space. Whose is it? Can I have it for an art
installation? And do you know where I can get a huge industrial sized roll
of it - like enough to completely cover the walls, floor & ceiling of a
house? And lastly - does it come in gold?

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