[Noisebridge-discuss] Thanks Zeph for keeping the drama of the list.

Robert Chu robertayoungchu at gmail.com
Sat May 12 13:13:14 UTC 2012


"Let's keep the list drama free Ladies and Gentlemen,"

- Zephyr
Enough said, let's convert what ever drama that is going or that comes up
in the community in to productive and constructive conversation in the form
of giving each other time and space @ the space, mediation, or community

I really do appreciate how Zephyr stepped up, and totally stopped a drama
flaming from further happening. I M H O... From that action we
should deprecate the long standing of a stain- the [drama-tag], and just
make friendly reminders that there are defiantly more constructive ways to
work with concerns from each other.

Another thing that happened related to this was that somebody volunteered
to help mediate the concerns that I and another have for each other in the

Cheers and thanks once again Zephyr


def what_noisebridge_is_about()
    if drama >= hacking
      puts "Projects and H at xInG in the Noisebridge community either goes or
slows down."
    elsif hacking > drama
      puts "Noisebridge continues to collaborate & educate smoothly!"
     hack_the_planet("And help keep Noisebridge being about the hacking.")
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