[Noisebridge-discuss] grantwriting / bubblewrap from outer space

Alan Rockefeller alanrockefeller at gmail.com
Mon May 14 02:00:55 UTC 2012

> First I've heard of it!  If the material has a specific use in mind,
> then by all means, label it as such!  But AFAIK, the material was found
> at Noisebridge with no identifying marks at all.  We get a *TON* of
> material donated, some of it for specific uses, much of it for general
> Noisebridge purposes.  If it's not identifiable, it's up for grabs.

That material came out of the trash can which was sitting on top of
the old refrigerator and was being used to store mushroom cultivation
supplies.  It was donated by Roger to be used for insulating the
mushroom fruiting chamber.  The fruiting chamber is doing fine without
insulation at the moment, though it would be a good idea to insulate
it this winter.

More important than the space bubble wrap are 4 half gallon jars that
were in the trash can along with it.  2 have disappeared and 2 have
been found.  Ray has offered to supply noisebridge with an unlimited
amount of oyster mushroom spawn if we trade full jars for empty ones.
If anyone knows where the other 2 jars are, please let me know.  Or if
anyone has 2 half gallon jars, please bring them and put them in the
blue tupperware bin on top of the old refrigerator.
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