[Noisebridge-discuss] archiving a password protected website

Lee Sonko lee at lee.org
Mon May 14 06:33:58 UTC 2012

I'm trying to make an archive of a website subscription I belong to, my
23andme.com account. I can't find a tool that will download this website.
I'd rather not copy-and-paste 300 pages. I tried WinHTTrack. Maybe WGet
excels at this but it's a steep learning curve; it'd be nice if someone
point me in the direction of a tool that could do it.

I can see two obvious hurdles. Logging in might be designed to be an
interactive process (I tried dragging cookies around in WinHTrack to no
avail). And maybe so much depends on the server on a modern website that it
might not be possible to have a web page without a server. What say the

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