[Noisebridge-discuss] Top 10 reasons to get off your lazy ass and bike to Noisebridge

Wladyslaw Zbikowski embeddedlinuxguy at gmail.com
Mon May 14 21:27:04 UTC 2012

You can pick up your copy of the new ZiP Zine #2 featuring an
interview with Richard Stallman PLUS intro to Z-lang

You can help Mischief and me write an LLVM code generation backend for
the Milkymist

Do some 3d modeling and fabricate a PLA pen holder for our giant HP plotter

Figure out how to log the radiation measurements from Jake's detector
and match them to the thorium X-ray spectrogram

Start processing data from the analog EEG amplifier for brainwave shenanigans

Help put up new LED track lighting in the hackatorium so it looks fucking elite

Get the spare projector running and mounted to shine the Noisebridge
inside the front gate for parties

Learn how to program MC Hawking the robot

Use DeepHack to make visualizations of code executing in QEMU

Play go against a real human and watch him (or her) writhe in heady angst

Kill a mouse and practice taxidermy

Flame people in real life instead of kvetching from behind your keyboard

Other shit that's too cool to talk about on the list

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