[Noisebridge-discuss] where is the ferric chloride

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed May 16 07:44:36 UTC 2012

I put a circuitboard etching tank in the darkroom, with an electric heater 
and an air pump.  The goal is for it to be ready anytime you want to etch 
a board.

But i can't find the two bottles of Ferric Chloride etchant which were in 
the dirty shop.  There has been a reorganization of the shop recently and 
I figured the liquid etchant would remain where it was (with all the other 
sketchy chemicals) but now i can't find it.

Does anyone know where it went?  We need about two bottles to fill the 
tank in the darkroom.  (I did find the nasty old half-bottle which was on 
the shelves with soldering tools, but i don't want to use it)

I also need a mechanical timer knob, like the one on a toaster oven or 
(knob-style) microwave oven, so that it's impossible to accidentally leave 
the heater or air pump on all night.  I don't want one from an actual 
toaster oven though, because if you turn the knob backwards a little bit 
it just stays on.  And i don't want to take the one from our nice 
stainless steel Amana microwave because it is going to be repaired soon, 
and also that timer only runs if it has power.

Thank you for your interest in etching circuitboards at noisebridge. 
After this equipment is set up and running I will teach a class on making 
your own circuitboards from scratch at noisebridge.


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