[Noisebridge-discuss] where is the ferric chloride

Mark Meves mark.meves at gmail.com
Wed May 16 19:12:14 UTC 2012

i have never messed with things inside of the darkroom, however, as for
liquid etching-related things, i may or may not have seen such things and
put them in a milk crate labelled appropriately that is now on the floor of
the shop near other labelled milk crates.  Also, there is a parts bin near
the other labelled parts bins containing nothing but knobs of various
shapes and sizes that I created.  It also happens to be my favorite parts
bin for some unknown reason.

Best, Hipe

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 3:44 AM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> I put a circuitboard etching tank in the darkroom, with an electric heater
> and an air pump.  The goal is for it to be ready anytime you want to etch a
> board.
> But i can't find the two bottles of Ferric Chloride etchant which were in
> the dirty shop.  There has been a reorganization of the shop recently and I
> figured the liquid etchant would remain where it was (with all the other
> sketchy chemicals) but now i can't find it.
> Does anyone know where it went?  We need about two bottles to fill the
> tank in the darkroom.  (I did find the nasty old half-bottle which was on
> the shelves with soldering tools, but i don't want to use it)
> I also need a mechanical timer knob, like the one on a toaster oven or
> (knob-style) microwave oven, so that it's impossible to accidentally leave
> the heater or air pump on all night.  I don't want one from an actual
> toaster oven though, because if you turn the knob backwards a little bit it
> just stays on.  And i don't want to take the one from our nice stainless
> steel Amana microwave because it is going to be repaired soon, and also
> that timer only runs if it has power.
> Thank you for your interest in etching circuitboards at noisebridge. After
> this equipment is set up and running I will teach a class on making your
> own circuitboards from scratch at noisebridge.
> -jake
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