[Noisebridge-discuss] call for collaboration: nb-discuss data mining

Mike Schachter mschachter at eigenminds.com
Fri May 18 18:34:35 UTC 2012

Noisebridge Machine Learning

Hey there everyone,

A while ago Jake suggested we code up an algorithm to
do drama detection on the nb-discuss list. Jared D then
went on to start grabbing data from nb-discuss and we're
going to begin the laborious process of preprocessing it
into a form that would be good to do some wholesome
old fashioned machine learning.

We're going to hold an ML meeting in the Church room
on Thursday, 5/24 at 7:30pm to discuss what direction
we can take the data, and need your help! In the meeting
we'll distribute the preprocessed data and collaboratively
brainstorm ways to have fun with it. We'll give some brief
overviews of text-processing ideas like TF*IDF, LDA (Latent
Dirichlet Allocation), and PageRank/network analysis

Anybody with interest or experience in text data mining
is encouraged to come out and share your expertise and
ideas with the group.

See you Thursday!


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