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On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 11:06 AM, Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> wrote:

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> Aww yeah, it's that time again!
> Hackers gonna hack
> Makers gonna make
> Trollers gonna troll and
> DARPAs gonna DERPA
> Grab your hottest soldering iron, sharpest knitting needles, a hip
> flask full of gin, all the awkward encrypted hacker mailing list drama
> baggage you can spit out of that broken Makerbot, and get your sexy
> butt down to the San Francisco Maker Faire (not in San Francisco) this
> weekend! You'll see some cheap hacks, amazingly boring product booths,
> smart open source projects run by total idiots, and all of the money
> literally vacuumed out of your pants by robots (pro tip: real hackers
> don't wear pants to Maker Faire).
> Once you're done getting punched in the brain repeatedly by
> steamo-punks, walking away from that one guy who wont shut up about
> hacking Roombas with an OpenBSD build of Android, a jar of petroleum
> jelly, and ferrets, vomit up the last of that triple deep fried fair
> ground food, and head on over to Noisebridge anytime this weekend!
> Noisebridge is San Francisco's open to all (just as long as you
> haven't been labeled crazy by a panel of people with no real medical
> qualifications) hacker space.
> We've got robotic Buddhist monks with anger management problems, a
> working kitchen, a ball pit full of drama, lazorz, human beings, a
> place to sit down but not sleep, internet on tap, delightful beverages
> just across the street, and a space co-founder who's so extremely
> against DERPA funding he's actually giving the military money back!
> Amazing!
> Noisebridge will more or less be open 24 hours a day, until, well,
> never. So please come on by and check it out. We will be the most hard
> drive thumping after party this weekend, every night! Noisebridge is
> at 2169 Mission St next to 18th St. We're 1.8 blocks away from the
> 16th Street BART stop, which ultimately connects to Caltrain at
> Millbrae. You can find more info here...
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Getting_Here
> If ringing our doorbell is too complicated for you, try entering the
> six digit numerical days that Makre Faire is running into the payphone
> (181920). Be awesome, bring beer! Please forward this invite to anyone
> else you think might be around Maker Faire and would appreciate
> checking out one of the most used up example of a hackerspace doing it
> wrong in the world. Let us touch you, with our magic.
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