[Noisebridge-discuss] rob 2.0 again

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat May 19 12:08:06 UTC 2012

so this morning about 4:45 rob 2.0 showed up in the space, with a small 
satellite dish for TV or whatever.  I asked him what he was doing in the 
space and he said he wanted to work on his wireless thing or something.

i said he wasn't allowed in the space and he asked why i had the right to 
speak for the whole community of noisebridge, and pretty soon we were 
yelling at each other, and i asked if he was going to leave and he did 

and then it was rather uncomfortable for me because i was leaving just 
then, and even though (from the fire escape) i saw him walk to the corner, 
he was nearly back at the gate when i came out.  since i had my bike i did 
not have to find out what would have happened if he had reached me in 
person "in the street" but he obviously wanted to continue the 

from my bike, i yelled to him that if he wanted to come to the space he 
had to complete the mediation process.  right?  or has something changed?
of course he was saying that he already did mediation, and that it's a 
public hackerspace so he should be allowed to come to it if he wants.

his strategy seems to be a mixture of attemted intimidation and relentless 
rationalization.  and he accused me of personally having something against 
him (implying that i'm the problem and everyone else is cool with him)

kelly please update me and everyone on rob2.0's status as i thought you 
were the one trying to mediate him.

is our consensus item still in effect?  is it still printed out on the 


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