[Noisebridge-discuss] Please add me to your spam filter

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Mon May 21 01:03:58 UTC 2012

Hi everyone on NB Disgust,

I just want to encourage everyone reading this message to add me to your
spam filter from here on out, as my posts to NB Discuss are totally stupid
and annoying, and most likely they'll only get worse from here on out. Many
of you will not even read this message as you've already added me to your
spam filter, because of how stupid and annoying my posts are -- thank you
for not needing me to tell you this. Btw, I'm currently planning the 3rd
issue of ZiP -- a recursive acronym which stands for "Zinemaking is
Pleasant" -- and we're going to have our *first planning session for ZiP03
this Thursday, May 24 at Noisebridge, starting around 8pm*. The theme for
this issue is "Things That Are Stupid and Annoying," and it will consist
entirely of excerpts of NB-Discuss postings by myself and other infamous
Noisetrolls. Also included with ZiPv3 will be a free bonus CD featuring
audio recordings of Jesse Z. tongue-lashing people for various reasons
ranging from "sleeping at Noisebridge" to "I'm just hungover and in a
shitty mood."

We welcome new people aboard for ZiP03. Come to the meeting and add your
voice to our ungainly, yet oddly compelling chorus! If you don't, and ZiP03
ends up being totally stupid and annoying, you have no one to blame but

And me.

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