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Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 06:45:28 UTC 2012

Well I do not know about this event but using food from dumpster diving for various culinary uses can be very rewarding. Especially in a combination with probiotic cultures as a way of preserving the food which may be close to being "contaminated" by for the human non beneficial microbes. I experiment a lot with that now and it is actually great, around 70-80% of my daily intake is based dumpster dive.

I think it is important to keep a close eye on the "date" of the food from dumpster dives and people who are going to eat it should be aware of its origin. I would certainly recommend to be very careful with seafood, fish and meat things in general.

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"19:00 Cook-in class Bring your ideas/food/appetite and try your hand
at cooking. If you know any good surplus food sources, dumpsters etc
bring it."

Assuming this is a real thing, is dumpster diving a form of food hacking now?

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