[Noisebridge-discuss] DARPA protest sign

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon May 21 07:30:16 UTC 2012

To: Dale Dougherty

Hello Dale,

We met at Maker Faire (years ago in Austin) and again today when I was carrying 
a protest sign.

I understand it was not easy to talk about it in the moment but if you would 
like to continue the conversation, I am available through email or we can talk 
on the phone or in person if you would prefer.

I greatly appreciate your contributions to the maker movement, and i've been 
attending maker faire for years.  But I and many others feel that DARPA has no 
place in the classroom.

I know the issue is more complicated than that, you pointed out that AutoDesk 
gets a lot of "defense" money, but the fact is that the DARPA grant is public 
knowledge.  That means that people can't look the other way, and we have to 
take a stand.  If we don't, it counts as an endorsement of the military.

I seriously doubt you think that the military is a good career choice for the 
kids who trust Make Magazine for their education.  One look at the soldiers who 
have already returned should be enough to know otherwise.

I agree that schools need access to the technology central to the maker 
movement.  They also need teachers, desks, books, and buildings. Unfortunately, 
the federal budget seems to have nothing left for education after giving over 
$600 BILLION to the military this year.

As I said, I am open to talking with you more about this.  What I really hope 
will happen is that you will decide that if DARPA wants to spend money in 
classrooms, they should do it without the help of the trusted Make Magazine 
brand.  To do otherwise is to do a dis-service to the same children we all want 
to help in any way we can.


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