[Noisebridge-discuss] Who won, DARPA V Hackerspaces?

Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Mon May 21 08:41:04 UTC 2012

During my exhausting involvement at Maker Faire this year. I realized two

   1. I didn't hear anything about DARPA.
   2. Unless I brought it up, I didn't hear anything about hacker spaces.

What does this tell me?  This tells me the attempt to spite Maker Faire
because of DARPA sponsorship was an utter failure, and not only that, as I
predicted, because so many Hacker Space Luminaries were not promoting the
movement, the movement was less visible.

How involved in the event was I?

I represented the following Maker projects:

   1. TE+ND Rover
   2. Weeviles
   3. Tweethaus

Other projects I have contributed to which were present:

   1. Tympani Lambada
   2. Brolli Flock
   3. Dragon Wagon
   4. TechShop
   5. Nimby
   6. The Made
   7. Others I am probably forgetting or didn't see

Again, unless I brought up Noisebridge or Hackerspaces, I heard nothing,
even with the groups that utilized Noisebridge.  This, of course, doesn't
include "non-hacker spaces" Nimby, Techshop, boxshop, american steel,
shipyard, etc, etc.

This lack of visibility is counter productive and leaves Maker Faire with
the clear option, seek further sponsorship from DARPA.  Seek less reliance
on hacker spaces.

Yes, it's your prerogative to protest DARPA's sponsorship of Maker Faire.
It doesn't mean it is smart to do so and it doesn't mean that your efforts
aren't better spent representing Hacker Spaces at Maker Faire.

This protest is a failure.  It is failing hacker spaces as a movement.
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