[Noisebridge-discuss] Rob 2.0

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed May 23 10:28:51 UTC 2012

considering the apocalyptic pig beatdown that ensued when cynthia didn't 
feel like leaving the space, I think it would be downright hypocritical if 
the same folks did not step up to Rob 2.0

the reason he is banned right now is because rather than discuss and 
mediate the issues that people had with him, he chose to just only come 
around at 3 or 4 in the morning when he figured there wouldn't be enough 
people to kick him out.

this is despite mitch and kelly offering themselves as mediators, so that 
he could work through the problems that people had with him without even 
having to come to a meeting.

instead, his strategy has been to make threats, including "destroying" 
noisebridge, causing noisebridge to be raided, threatening to hack 
noisebridge and hack all the people here, and attempts at physical 
intimidation.  He also likes to insist that it's a public hackerspace and 
that we can't tell him he's not allowed to come around.

sorry, but we do have basic minimum standards of behavior here.

and if people are not willing to stand up to him as much as they did to 
cynthia then i call bullshit.

girlgeek wrote:
If you pick up a phone in the space, and dial 311
<https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/311>, you'll page a bunch of
Noisebridgers who will join you. (Use +1 415 494 2858 ext 311 on
external phone or mobile).
On 5/23/2012 3:04 AM, Carl wrote:
> So Rob 2.0 came over to NB about 2:30am.
> I told him to leave, but it seems he wants to stay.
> So what are we supposed to do about this?
> -Carl

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