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Hello All,
This summer I am teaching workshops/classes in which I will help you research and or build just about anything you may be interested in the below class description. I have lots of machines and robots for people to test, operate and play with.
The classes are $25.00 and hour.
I can also give advice on exhibiting in Europe and the U.S. and survival as an artist.
All the best

We can explore: welding, carpentry, remote control systems, home-brewing, gorilla gardening, electric wiring, robotics, fire making, fixing things, plumbing, pnu-matics, pumps, building installations, water purification, high voltage electricity, video surveillance, electronic interfaces,  scavenging for materials, cooking alternatives, Solar power, lighting, remote control systems, survivalist contemporary art history, promoting and exhibiting your art. 

We can talk about the history of this kind of art.

Have you ever wanted to build a robot?
Ever wanted to know how to make that sculpture move?
Make a painting spin?
Build a walking machine?
Learn how to make inanimate stuff come alive, move and become ANIMATE!
Don’t know anything about this field but want to start at the very beginning?
Then this is your class.
All levels will be accommodated.

As late as the early 1980’s lots of young, smart, idealistic people went to work in factories and warehouses and “the trades”. Knowing they could earn a decent living and learn skills they can apply across many fields throughout their lives. Some went on to apply this skill-set to their art practices. 
 It is harder to do that now without factories and trades jobs. But it's still possible and this workforce through skill sharing is coming back. As the world economy continues to collapse these skills are even more valuable and critical. It used to be you could fix a lamp or a broken door. This class will help the next crusaders in this field work in factories, gardens, special effects, meat packing plants and construction jobs before and during their start to poetically express themselves and make a living.

This is where I have taught and lectured:
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