[Noisebridge-discuss] Proposal Regarding Rob 2.0 and Cynthia Lee

Stan stan at alcoholfueledmachine.com
Wed May 23 22:31:12 UTC 2012

I have been ruminating on this matter for several minutes and believe I
have come to a conclusion that will satisfy all parties involved.

The problem, as I see it (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), is
that the vast majority of Noisespace do not want notorious hippie
Cynthia Lee or world-renowned autist Rob 2.0 at the space, while these
two parties still enjoy participating.

Further to the initial problem, both Rob 2.0 and Cynthia Lee seem to be
immune to both Ban Nicely and Ban Harder. In the interim, I would
propose adding a We Really Mean It clause to the Ban Harder Memorandum
of 1921, though further to that I have developed what I have codenamed
The Ultimate Solution.

The Ultimate Solution requires only two things: 1) a step, which I have
cleverly designated the Naughty Step; and 2) a willingness from all
named parties to participate in The Ultimate Solution.

The Ultimate Solution works by only allowing a party who has previously
been Banned Nicely and Banned Harder (in this case either Rob 2.0 or
Cynthia Lee) to participate in Noisebridge activities whilst upon the
Naughty Step. This way the Naughty Party (the party proscribed from
anywhere but the Naughty Step) is out of the way of most rule-abiding
Noisebridge attendees, yet still remains able to participate.

Advanced configurations of The Ultimate Solution are available and
dependent only upon how many steps you have. Thus if you have two
available steps, both Rob 2.0 and Cynthia could participate at the same
time. While I have seen some configurations in which all available steps
were designated Naughty Steps, I do not recommend this. I have found
rare cases in which non-Naughty Parties enjoy chilling out max and
relaxing all cool upon steps.

A completely unorthodox configuration of The Ultimate Solution involves
designating a Naughty Chair instead of a Naughty Step. But this is only
if you want to get buck wild.

All configurations of The Ultimate Solution may be used with optional
dunce cap.

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