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Mon May 28 06:40:03 UTC 2012

Just a reminder on Memorial day..

Whatever you think of the wisdom of the current conflicts,
there are still US military folks in harm's way.
For those who think we do not need a military,
you are wrong.

We can debate the size and role of the military,
and that is a proper discussion to have for as long as we exist as a country.

However, Freedom isn't Free.
WW 2 showed that - without the sacrifice of many,
we would no longer exist as a country, and many of us would not be here
because the Japanese and Germans would have enslaved
and killed our parents and grandparents.
This is an historical fact.
I just met a Vet who was at Pearl Harbor on 7 Dev 1941.

So - please take a minute to reflect on
If you are Free, thank a Vet.

If you object to the above, please spend some time
at the Golden Gate National Cemetery
1300 Sneath Lane, San Bruno, CA 94006
Take a book on WW 2 Pacific battles.
You can match the dates of deaths to specific battles.
You are likely to be older than they were when they died.



Thanks ... bandit

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