[Noisebridge-discuss] BZB Breadboard with Built in Arduino

BOZ boz at musheen.com
Wed Oct 24 20:30:38 UTC 2012

I thought I would share with Noisebridge, and I would like to thank 
Mitch and others at Noisebridge for helping make this project happen. 
The PCBs got their start right here

If you are into Arduinos or know someone that is, please take a look and 

The BZB3 with built in Arduino and the Outrigger Shield Extender is 
available at Kickstarter right now.

Outrigger Shield Extender fixes "legacy" Arduino pin alignmnet flaw

If you have ever tried to develop a shield or other project with 
perfboard and the Arduino you know the legacy pin offset of the Arduino 
makes it a real pain, thats why when we designed the Outrigger Shield 
Extender, a component of the BZB3 Breadboard with built in Arduino 
compatible microcontroller, we made sure to fix that problem while 
maintaining original shield compatibility along the way.

Now you get the best of both worlds by working in the pitch layout you 
want for your project, creation or invention and the power of a built in 
Arduino in your breadboard to boot, all one piece no more ratsnest wiring.


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