[Noisebridge-discuss] how to get into an android phone

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Oct 29 20:53:19 UTC 2012

my friend heard someone trying to break into his truck and went out there 
and found the guys' phone on the ground.  It's an android phone and it's 
locked with a pattern.  Ironically my friend swiped it properly the first 
time he looked at it, but now he can't repeat the act and the phone 
threatens permanent lockout if he tries incorrectly again.

does anyone know anything about this?  I would like to see if it's 
possible to get in there and download the data.  So i can return the phone 
to its rightful owner.

actually it's been more than six months since he found the phone so i 
doubt anyone cares about it anymore, but i would like to see how hard this 
can be.

it's an LG MS690

probably not rooted because based on the texts that scroll across the top 
of the screen (which the owner never read) the owner is clearly a thug.

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