[Noisebridge-discuss] Audio Recordings From Fundraiser

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 21:59:51 UTC 2013


We have some audio recordings from the fundraiser of the Carl & Beatrice 
band, Steve Seabrook Motivational Speaker, and the Noisejam Orchestra.

If anyone has a better place to host these audio files (like a 
Noisebridge server), feel free.

These basement tapes were recorded by Grant Taylor, who sez:

    "I gladly offer all of these recordings (original and edited) to the
    Noisebridge community and anyone else to do with however they please
    in perpetuity. The recordings were made using the built-in mics on a
    Zoom H4n, recorded in 320 kbps mp3 format.

    In the zip file are the two original unedited files I recorded, and
    the edited files I made that are split up by performance and have
    better levels.

    I had a great time at the event. I just moved to the city recently
    and Noisebridge and its community are already among my favorite
    things here.


-Johny Radio
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