[Noisebridge-discuss] Max/MSP Noise~ meetup, Wednesday April 10 at 20:00

Sam Tarakajian (C74) sam at cycling74.com
Mon Apr 8 16:49:59 UTC 2013

Hey all,

Let's meet up again this Wednesday. You know, to talk about Max and stuff.
Now that we're all Max experts, it's time for us to put on a concert. This is, after all, what people do when they become recognized and celebrated geniuses in their respective fields: they invent some kind of spectacle to cement for all eternity the scope of their dominion over their medium. Granted, we've only been messing with Max for a couple months or so, but I think we're close enough.

I'd like for everyone involved to put together a performance piece of at least three minutes. That piece can have audio or visual or even sculptural elements to it. It can sound good or bad or neither. It doesn't even actually have to use Max. The only rule is that it must have a live component. You, the composer, have to actually shape the evolution of the piece in some way as it goes on. No pre-recorded music.

We'll be talking more about materials and sharing inspiration in the classes leading up to the performance. I'll also be fleshing out more exactly the requirements for each piece. 

Note, if you're reading this email, haven't been coming to classes but still want to perform, then that's cool too. You should come and hang out anyway.

Looking forward,
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