[Noisebridge-discuss] Desperately seeking help! 30 min / 1 hour(?) of Xcode / Obj-C Q&A? (willing to pay!)

Ken M. Haggerty kenmhaggerty at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 22:50:54 UTC 2013


I've taught myself iOS development (specifically, Objective C w/ Xcode for
iPhone) and as such have a whole bunch of small questions that are hard to
ask via IRC or StackOverflow. (e.g., "What's this thing?" <points />)

If you are willing to answer questions for me and able to answer them well,
I will be very willing to compensate you with beer / burrito / pay as

Key areas of interest for me:
• Xcode quirks / issues!
• Debugging!
• Core Animation + handling touch events
• Coding syntax & style
• Social networking (i.e., exchanging info between users / devices) &
• Crowdsourcing / content moderation
• How to use GitHub
• Unit tests (???)

I am wearing a smurf blue hoodie today.

Thank you,
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