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Leif Ryge leif at synthesize.us
Tue Apr 9 02:06:00 UTC 2013

I will be attending the IDESG Plenary (the one of the two events below
which does not cost hundreds of dollars) and I hope some other
Noisebridgers do too!


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Subject: Fwd: Agenda Announced for IDESG May Plenary Meeting <-- online
identity workshop!
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Oh hai everyone!

If you're one of the rare few who hasn't heard me rant about online
identity, now is your chance!

May 7-9: IIW workshop (Computer History Museum)
May 9-10: IDESG Plenary (see forwarded email)

There are two big events coming up in May that I feel are very
important. The first is IIW (Internet Identity Workshop), an
un-conference where people can collaborate on what they think and want
to future of online identity to be. http://iiw16.eventbrite.com/ for

The second is more personal to me, and the agenda email I'm
forwarding, which takes place down the street from IIW with some
crossover. It's the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, which is a
bunch of government and corporation types trying to create policy for
online identity. Pointing specifically to the "Use Case workshop", we
want to bring as many people in favor of nym (online pseudonyms and
anonyms) rights to educate the IDESG plenary, and make sure our views
are heard. While we're already planning a few use cases, we think it's
important that everyone has a chance to be heard, even if (especially
if) you're non-technical.

If getting to the south bay is a challenge for you, we're going to try
to set up a carpooling system. Please let me know if you're interested.

It's also worth noting that the IDESG plenary is completely free :)


PS: you can find more info on http://www.nymrights.org

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Subject: 	Agenda Announced for IDESG May Plenary Meeting
Date: 	Mon, 1 Apr 2013 12:12:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: 	Identity Ecosystem Steering Group Secretariat
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IDESG Plenary

Register to Attend *
*Santa Clara *
*Plenary Meeting*

*May 9-10, 2013*

*<https://www.idecosystem.org/page/register-attend-4th-plenary-meeting>  *

  * *What:* 4th IDESG Plenary Meeting
  * *When:* Thursday, May 9 at 8:00 AM (PT) to Friday, May 10 at 5:00 PM
      o Held immediately following the IIW Conference which is May 7-9,
        2013 nearby at the Computer Museum.
  * *Where:* The Network Meeting Center in Silicon Valley's TechMart
      o 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 122
      o Santa Clara, CA 95054
  * List of Area Hotels
  * Sponsorship Opportunities


*IDESG May Plenary Agenda*

*Thursday, May 9, 2013*

  * 8:30 a.m.: Welcome; Introduction of New Leadership Team
  * 9:00 a.m.: Introduction of Management Council Work Planning
      o Work Planning Document
      o Work Products Adoption Process
  * 10:00 a.m.: Break
  * 10:15 a.m.: Use Case Workshop
  * 12:15 p.m.: Lunch on your own
  * 1:15 p.m.: Use Case Workshop continued
  * 3:45 p.m.: Break
  * 4:00 p.m.: NSTIC Pilots Update
  * 6:00 p.m.: Day One Wrap-up
  * 6:30 p.m.: Happy Hour

*Friday, May 10, 2013*

  * 8:00 a.m.: Success Metrics
      o Organizational and Identity Ecosystem Health Discussion
  * 8:45 a.m.: Business Plan Subcommittee Value Proposition and
    Sustainability Planning
  * 9:30 a.m.: Terms and Definitions
  * 10:00 a.m.: Break
  * 10:15 a.m.: Committee Breakouts (6 at a time)
  * 11:45 a.m.: Lunch on your own
  * 1:00 p.m.: Committee Breakouts (other 6 committees)
  * 2:30 p.m.: Privacy Committee Report on PEM 2.0
  * 3:30 p.m.: Break
  * 3:45 p.m.: Plenary Wrap-up: Work Plan Alignment with Plenary
    Results, Gap Analysis, and Next Steps

*Stay Connected*

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