[Noisebridge-discuss] lasercutter jam

Phil Spitler phil at bonfirelabs.com
Tue Apr 9 07:24:19 UTC 2013

"some" progress was made.

Somehow the PC is now connected to the Laser cutter and it can control it, not sure what changed, it could have been the magnet, I also reseated all the cords.

However now when I try to print a document from Retina Engrave, the print head shoots to the left side of the printer and keeps hitting the side of the case.

It's as if it doesn't know where zero is. I am calling it a day today but may try again tomorrow evening.

Any idea on this issue?

Thanks again.


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On Apr 8, 2013, at 11:32 PM, Casey Callendrello wrote:

> This often happens when two copies of RetinaEngrave are running. First try rebooting the laser cutter computer.
> If that doesn't fix it, it means we've probably fried the USB board. According to the intrepid hacker who has one of his own, this can happen when the tube gets weak (which ours definitely has). Let's hope this isn't the case.
> --Casey
> On 4/8/13 11:19 PM, Tony Longshanks LeTigre wrote:
>> Hey, sending a quick note / desperate plea for help re: the lasercutter
>> to a few people I think have been knowledgeable on the subject. I was
>> supposed to give Phil (CC'd) a tutorial on how to use it tonight @
>> Noisebridge & we ran into a wall. Tried everything we could think of,
>> but RetinaEngrave persistently displayed an "Attempting to Connect"
>> status bubble without ever succeeding or advancing past that stage.
>> Furthermore, we couldn't even get the laser engraver itself to jog or
>> move at all. The laser test worked, but that was it. We had several
>> others look at it & tried most every variable: cords, software, logging
>> in as different users, &c, to no avail. Among the few things we haven't
>> tried are unplugging or replacing the card that the connecting USB cord
>> plugs into on the laser cutter, and....suggestions? We do know, on the
>> encouraging side, that Martin B. used this lasercutter, apparently with
>> success, as recently as one day ago. CCing to Martin. (Sorry if you're
>> getting multiple messages.) Martin, do you think in the course of your
>> "checkup" on the machine the other day there is anything you might have
>> changed that could explain this impasse?
>> Thanks for any help you can offer!
>> +11+

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