[Noisebridge-discuss] Congrats to all on this morning's great (and huge) Chronicle article on "hands-on" tech education

martin deviddo gmod4life1 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 9 09:15:18 UTC 2013

"Thanks Amber! That is awesome!

Martin, I love what you said about dissecting frogs and blowing things up.
You're so quotable!

- liz"
At first I read the article and got upset because the quotes were taken out of context. I spoke to the reporter for about ten minutes answering questions about a lot of different things but she picked some of the edgy things I said to put in the paper. I should have known better... Then I realized it portrays me as this evil mad scientist with psychopathic tendencies who parents want to keep their children away from. I'm ok with that. I'm more than OK with that... Muahahahahaha

"Bringing this back to the main list....I've talked to Martin, who
originally suggested the Noisebridge book club, a couple times recently. If
I'm representing his sentiments accurately, he feels bad about not
following through with the idea, but his new job & other life complications
have sidetracked it."

I'm still interested I just don't know when to meet for it. If a time/start date is decided upon I will attend.
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