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> On a certain level, I think people are emotionally distraught at the loss
> of any sort of real world. Now that we have in common technology a 'second
> nature' that supports our former needs, what we knew as the real drops
> away. Naturally, our new standard operating position may be confusing or
> seen as immoral by those left in the wake. If they could only have the
> soothing effect of music at the moment themselves, they would not be so
> angry... if only they were commanding a mobility device, they would know
> how to act...
> IMO, interaction between people more-and-less divorced from primal
> subsistence is best carried through plain, clear-to-understand language.
> The lack of communication given what the prols are used to as a normal
> socialization/"pick-up" is probably confusing and thus aggrevating.
> not that that's a new idea...
> -dru
I feel like I am having to explain an extremely basic, common-place

The interactions I'm talking about are harassment. Anyone who tries to
interact with you and then persists and asserts aggravation/aggression when
you decline has no respect for your desires.

The offender is only confused because they feel entitled to conversation
whether the other person consents or not, like it's complimentary to the
bus fare. It's got nothing to do with headphones or technology. It's worse
on public transit because you are trapped in a moving box. I am not moved
by their distress. I would agree that it involves lack of normal
socialization on their part, where they can't just let someone be, but they
should know how to behave like a reasonable human being and not have a
tantrum just because they can't force a conversation on somebody.

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