[Noisebridge-discuss] Who do we want to exclude? [Drama]

Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com
Thu Apr 11 18:15:43 UTC 2013

That's one definition of violence I think no one would agree with and
demonstrates a political ignorance born of privilege; how can you deny the
oppression we enact on countless third world workers through our internet?
On Apr 11, 2013 10:11 AM, "Mitchel McAllister" <xonimmortal at yahoo.com>

> Violence is typically defined as physical, injurious force. I have seen no
> violence at Noisebridge - not even during the Scud and Chrissie soap opera.
> The behavior is definitely unexcellent. It is disruptive, as in
> interrupting or disturbing things that are going on in the space.
> --- On Wed, 4/10/13, Andrew Byrne <andrew at pachakutech.com> wrote:
> Nope, it's most definitely a violence towards others to not speak up when
> Twitchy McJunkie decides to take a post-burrito nap during the physics
> class visit. It's also violence towards others who leave b/c we tolerate
> the presence of ignorant uggles with no interest in hacking or
> self-improvement--those who don't care when their joissance overflows into
> other's work space.
> Don't minimize the pain... I came in this morning and promptly left
> instead of addressing the sleeping corpses and smoking on the balcony, and
> I'm rather stoic about such things.
> Point being, it's violence either way.
> -dru
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