[Noisebridge-discuss] Ubuntu madness

name1355 at tormail.org name1355 at tormail.org
Sat Apr 13 20:44:29 UTC 2013

Open Firefox

Click Edit
Click Preferences
Click Security
Click Saved Passwords

> I don't understand Ubuntu, which I believe is what the "free" computer in
> Hacker Alley is running. I want to change the internet options. I can't
> seem to do this in the Firefox browser the way I know how to do it on a
> Mac
> or Windows machine. I am trying to delete stored passwords. This system
> has
> stored the password to his account so anyone can access his inbox. I don't
> know how to access stored passwords. Maybe you need administrator/root
> privileges which I don't have. Please CC Michael (Occupirate) on this
> message as I may not be around.
> +11+
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