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I just remembered what #7 was: the elevator is having some hiccups today.
Please only use it if you need to—but by all means, use it if you need to.
Just be aware of a glitch: you have to hold the button in for the floor you
want extra long (anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds) before it will begin
moving. Once it begins, you can let go of the button as usual.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 8:01 PM, Tony Longshanks LeTigre <
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> I updated the welcome board today to reflect the following:
> 1) *The laser cutter is working!* Thanks to Ken's patient assistance last
> night, we got it up & running. You should've seen how happy Jay was. I
> think he laser cut all night long. Now Tony & I (the other Tony, with whom
> I have made peace) are just trying to figure out how to make it work for
> Mac. The software suggested on the wiki is VisiCut. I've downloaded that,
> haven't made it work yet, but I'm sure we will. Advice/knowledge
> appreciated of course.
> 2) Last night we borrowed the projector from Turing & used it to make an
> image of San Francisco on a large square board. Right now it's just an
> outline, but we will fill in features soon. I hope it will become an
> interactive map on which people will add the hikes, special spots & other
> favorite places they know & love in the City. (Some secrets, of course, are
> best left secret, so use discretion.) I am titling it the *Midnight
> Tourist Map of San Francisco. *I also led the first of a series of *Midnight
> Hikes* last night, despite faint rain, up into the hills above Dolores
> Park—one of my favorite parts of the City. Our goal was nothing more than
> great views, seeing what's going on up there above it all + a little
> clandestine reconnaissance. If you're interested in future hikes, seek me
> out. I've spent the last few years getting to know the City quite well on
> foot. As long as you can handle legging it & won't complain about uphill
> treks, & aren't affiliated with any agency that is hostile to our
> intentions (trust me: I know, or I will know), you'll be welcome. The goal
> of the hike will change depending on who is coming, how large a group, etc.
> 3) Liz showed me & Chris how to use the *book scanner* today & we're in
> the process of scanning new books into the NB library catalog. I love
> taxonomies, classification systems & catalogs. I found a batch of cool
> old-school art zines this morning, probably brought in for the fundraiser,
> which I'm going to catalog as well. We have a zine section of the library
> now, it's on the shelves w/ the Tshirts beside the donation box. Those
> shelves, btw, have been turned into a library annex full of literature, all
> the non-hacker books we've acquired. The main library continues to be
> mainly tech/hacker/programmer-oriented, as should be. The Tshirts for
> sale/donation are displayed on a table near the shelves.
> 4) I'm working on *converting a large Excel spreadsheet bursting with
> data into a database.* This is an ongoing project. Several people are
> helping me, but I welcome more help. Many people are busy, & I don't travel
> well, so Noisebridge is the ideal location. I'm going to be @ NB working on
> this (& probably doing some laser cutting) probably 10pm til late tonight.
> 5) The *vinyl cutter* is said to be great for creating stencils for
> screen printing. This is something I've been meaning to explore, & I've
> finally cleared enough off my plate to do so beginning this week. If you're
> into that as well, let's work on it together.
> 6) Several new *zinesters & self-publishing types* have been making
> overtures in the direction of Noisebridge lately. This makes me think it
> could be time for ZFOS (Zines From Outer Space) & other zine-related
> projects to burgeon into the limelight at NB, something I've hoped for for
> quite a while. Among them is Cristina, editor of Synchronized Chaos<http://synchchaos.com/>,
> an awesome webzine which tabled at the recent fundraiser. More interest in
> these areas is welcome. Help us reach critical mass & set a meeting to
> pursue the options! ALSO: Cristina of the aforementioned webzine is iso a
> Wordpress wizard for some specific reasons. Inquire within. (This post is
> CC'd to Cristina).
> 7) I forgot what number 7 was. Anyone?
> 8) Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf is a great novel about empathy,
> compassion & connections between people who seem to have nothing to do with
> each other. It's also a beautiful experimental prose poem in the form of a
> novel. If you've heard negative things about Woolf, disregard them & delve
> in for yourself. If you don't go in for old-fashioned literature, you
> should: you might be surprised by how experimental some of these
> "modernists" are/were. If you don't read at all (except code), you really
> should. Writers, I surmise, are a certain type of person that cuts across
> all lines: it doesn't matter whether you write prose, poetry, or code:
> writers are writers, & writers also usually make the best readers. This
> could connect to the embryonic *NB Book Club(/Diamond/Hammer/whatev)*that is also on the cusp of becoming reality.
> +11+
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