[Noisebridge-discuss] I Want to Create Rock Guitar Improvisation Class

James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 03:55:54 UTC 2013

I'm open to potentially offering something of this sort at my Excelsior
home, which is south on Mission.  I currently have a 14-channel mixer and a
headphone amp that can support 4 people.

My requirements:

The first class would be a one-off event; no guarantees of a second.
At least four people attend
I have a single acoustic guitar I'm willing to loan, but it will not leave
my home.
I can play drums (if you want) so you have something to improvise over.
No one may use any of my equipment without express permission.

Guitar, picks, pedals, and cables
Headphones with 1/4" adapter
Strongly recommended: Direct Input Box

Amps seem redundant, since headphones would be used, but you would need an
amp if you lacked a DI box and headphones.  Classes would be run on
donation (suggested $10 - 20), but I'd use all of the funds to buy DI boxes
and more headphones.  I would also record the entire session and give a
digital copy to each participant.

Let me know your thoughts!
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