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Ryan Rawson ryanobjc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 22:35:58 UTC 2013

So I kind of know Dara, I have a shared social circle with her.  I dont
really know you though, only via mailing lists.

The reality is this isnt how it's done.  You use your social capital and
backchannel that shit.

That you are going so public, says to me, that you don't have that social
capital. That's too bad.  Surely someone can do you a favor and
intermediate you - like Danny, etc?

Can't put the genie back in the bottle.  Next time, work your social

Now to the actual email content, I dont like the robin hood mentality, its
a reversible logic to me. If someone achieves their moral state by virtue
of not having worldly possessions, why isnt the opposite true?  As for her
comments, dara is doing you a lot of favors here, and dealing with the
criminal justice system is also a big thing as well.  In terms of timely
return of your data (which appears to be the KEY issue here), she isn't
under obligation, and I know she has been out of town for a week.  As for
her "incriminating IM lines" - they sound like something she said, and they
seem like they could be a reasonable assessment of the issue.  I personally
don't have any 16GB flash drives I want to give away either, so its a thing.

And also, its 2013 - one last word, CLOUD.  16GB is a trivial amount of
data, might I suggest dropbox.com, mega.co.nz and many others.  Especially
for someone who knows he is at risk of having things confiscated by police,
etc. Use mega.co.nz (50 GB free) for cold storage, dropbox for active.
 Problem solved.

ps: I'm not sure I can approve of calling her 'cunt'. Is this what all
assertive females get for not bending to other people's will?

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 2:35 PM, Tony Longshanks LeTigre <
anthonyletigre at gmail.com> wrote:

> Recently I was arrested after 6 months of living in the darkroom of an
> unused science lab on the UCSF Parnassus campus. The police attempted to
> charge me with burglary (which the prosecuting attorney dropped) but only
> the misdemeanor charges of trespassing & illegal lodging stuck.* They took
> a Macbook Pro computer that had been loaned to me by Daravinne aka
> Christina Olson who is the self-styled producer of 5 Minutes of Fame,
> insinuating that I must have stolen it. I did not steal it; Christina Olson
> gave it to me as "a long-term loan" last year when we were both working on
> the Noisebridge zine project I inaugurated, ZiP. At the time the police
> confiscated the Macbook, it contained all of the ZiP layouts & associated
> files, plus all the InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator work I'd done over
> the last several years, plus a vast spreadsheet-slash-database in progress
> containing all the info on properties & alternative housing in SF I'd been
> collecting obsessively over the course of the preceding year & a half, my
> journals/diaries for the past 10 years, all of my writing creative
> journalistic & otherwise—the police also took my thumb drive, which was my
> only (partial) backup of all this material. The police told me only
> Christina Olson could reclaim the computer, since it was registered to her
> name. Christina Olson & I agreed that Christina Olson would take back her
> Macbook (so it could continue to sit unused in her overstuffed apartment
> while she sits in front of her other, newer, fancier computer) once it was
> retrieved from the police. I asked Christina Olson to let me get my files
> off her Macbook before she took it back. She agreed. (I believe I have the
> chat logs of this stored on the computer I'm currently borrowing in lieu of
> not having a computer at all.) I recently found out that she went behind my
> back & reclaimed the computer from the police like a month ago. She
> casually revealed this via IM, following this revelation up with a number
> of lovely statements including
> *You are a pain in the ass to deal with*
> *when ya stab me in the back, use my vulnerability due to police/court
> custody to steal my fuckin files, you're damn right, I'm a motherfuckin
> SCORPION & you haven't seen the half of it!*
> and
> *You are a failure as a human being*
> *BWAHAhaha yes Your Honor!*
> The C-word was made for people like this. I don't like Christina Olson. I
> don't wanna be her friend or talk to her. I just want my shit back. She
> told me it totals 16GB & she's not willing to let me transfer it on her
> thumb drive. I recently sold a painting so have enough $ to buy a thumb
> drive that will hold 16GB. I don't think she's gonna communicate with me,
> though, so I'm posting this in hopes The Community may help me put some
> pressure on her to get my shit back. The computer is hers—no problem—the
> personal files & info on it are mine. I know she hangs out in the chat
> rooms quite a bit, if that helps. Daravinne = Christina Olson.
> Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Signing off for the day NOW & I'll
> be back again tomorrow (but less wordy, I promise)
> +11+
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