[Noisebridge-discuss] leave (and associated belligerence)

Mitchel McAllister xonimmortal at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 18 06:09:23 UTC 2013

I am finding this all rather ludicrous.

 I asked  Dan one question: in what way was his yelling all overthe space and deliberately slamming things around being excellent.  Dan then got belligerent to me, while Tony sat there smirking at me. Dan was the one who escalated it. tried to make it a joke at my expense, and then demanded we "take it outside".

He seemed to think that the threat of physical violence would make me back down. After we were both in the stairway, he quieted down,and once agian tried to make it all a joke. I told him that the time to admit he was wrong was not after blaming me for his actions or making me the butt of his so-called joke, and I was not happy with the factthat he thought he could make me back down with his belligerence.

Dan made a big deal out of leaving at that point,saying he would come back to the meeting on Tuesday - which I had not even mentioned.  Then he went around the corner, got stoned, and came back.

Obviously, my "threats" according to Tony were truly hoorifying to Dan.

I am not surprised at all that Tony is jumping in with a bunch of false accusations.  I did not have a knife at any time last night. Tony knows this, as do the other people in the space. This is another pathetic attempt by Tony to make himself the center of attention, at the expense of anyone else. 

Frankly, neither Tony nor Dan can keep me out of the space. I do a lot more than either one of them does; for one thing I don't intentionally disrupt the space. I let other people work on their stuff. And I don't have to put others down to justify my existence.

I hear about how Dan does so much - when all he's done is move an increasingly-larger pile of junk for spot to spot. 

I suppose we are also supposed to be grateful for all the help that Tony *wasn't* during the fundraiser - many people in the community will agree that he rarely, if ever, follows through on his promises to help, and usually leaves the burden for others to pick up. But he is the first and loudest to denigrate the contributions of others. He's constantly insulting and verbally abusive to others in the space, to the point he's made the space hostile towards at least five people that I know of that were trying to be part of the community. He constantly slaps derisive labels on others, as if he is the arbiter of taste, a mental health professional, and the Noisebridge Artist/Writer in Residence.  And he is constantly making "suggestions" of rules or standards that he refuses to follow himself.

I am not the one who started this mess. I am not the one who verbally vomited onto the list. But it doesn't surprise me that someone like Dan and Tony are taken at better-than-face-value at Noisebridge. It's up to Noisebridge if you all want to support the kind of person that sent the message below.

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Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 7:10:51 pm
To: "Mitchel McAllister" <XonImmortal at yahoo.com>
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You have a very hostile attitude. You reportedly drew a knife & other
weapons on Dan last night. You contribute nothing to the (physical) space
that I'm aware of other than occasionally washing the dishes in an
extremely pissy manner. (Something other people do all the time with much
less attitude.) Leave Noisebridge. Take a break. I'm doing it, you should
too. Come back next Tuesday. Don't come back at all. See if I care!

Pull a knife on me & die.


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