[Noisebridge-discuss] [drama] Addressing individuals

Mitchel McAllister xonimmortal at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 19 03:07:16 UTC 2013

Hmm. So first it was *you* who saw the invisible knife. Then it was third parties who saw the knife. Now it is third parties who say Dan saw the knife.

anyone wantto bet how long it will be until it is Xenu who saw the knife?  Maybe it was Colonel Mustard in the woodshop?

I'm not particularly surprised at this kind of behavior from Tony. Over the last eight months he's stacked up an impressive pile of character references against him.  But it really seems that once again he is going to get away with it, just as he got away with his reprehensible behavior in October, when he denigrated the entire situation that Susan went through.

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Awesome, because this time I know I can catch you in a lie. Two other
individuals were sitting in the laser cutter space the other night when Dan
came back in from his confrontation with you & told us about the whole
incident. A third person also heard Dan tell the story. Two of these
individuals are named Chris & are new to Noisebridge, the third was also
new to the space & I can't recall his name. They may have thought Dan was
kidding about it all---that's not the impression I got---but they heard him
say it. Let's see if they'll own up to what they heard. I'm BCCing this to
both of them.

BTW, Dan, b/c I know you read Disgust, too...whether you reply or
not....after telling us the whole spiel the other night ("he had a box
cutter in his hand, trying to act like he's all street or somethin', I
didn't see what he had in his other hand...") you asked ME to apologize to
Mik on your behalf ("tell him I was just playin', I thought we were just
jokin' around"), further trying to drag me into your conflict (which I was
making every attempt to ignore, as I was working on laser cuts & the SF
projector map).

I would have put up with shrugging the incident off, but I won't put up
with being called a liar for reporting the words & deeds of others. No
fucking way.


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> I agree. The guy with the knife should stay away. Whoever that might  be,
> because it wasn't me. But thanks to everybody for taking the word of Tony
> on this - by the way, Dan never said anything about me having a knife. But
> hey, Tony can say whatever he likes, without consequence,as he has been
> doing constantly since September.
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