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On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 12:07 PM, Corey McGuire <coreyfro at coreyfro.com>wrote:

> Hey all you Noisebridgers,
> I am meeting with lots of people in our community of people who have a
> good deal of Parametric Modeler<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid_modeling#Parametric_modeling>experience.
> This group is NOT ready for the uninitiated and I have been very selective
> with the invitations because I want to focus on developing curriculum and
> leveraging the User Experiences of engineers, architects, machinists,
> inventors, developers, etc, who already have Solidworks or Inventor
> experience.
> BUT!
> I want the general community to know so that any self starters out there
> (there's a few....right? ;-)  Could get busy with FreeCAD.
> FreeCAD is a free tool, an opesource tool, a powerful tool, a tool that
> is designed to compliment and facilitate the creation and fabrication of
> things.  It is a project (as opposed to product) that is showing massive
> potential to break us free of expensive, closed, cumbersome, tools that
> don't play nice with the rest of the industry.
> What this tool promises is an end...to the seemingly endless...battle with
> software for designing and building our world.
> The nuts and bolts of this tool are in place.  It's like a BMW, in all
> its precision .. just without the sporty interior, the fenders, the
> windows.  We can expect it to do what we need it to do, but the interface,
> which is very intuitive, is also not complete.
> So, while we are not ready to open up our general discussion, we are ready
> to sew the seeds of interest.
> How do you use a parametric modeler?  This is one of the questions we hope
> to answer with FreeCAD, but we aren't there yet.
> WHY...WHY do you use a parametric modeler?  This is something we are ready
> to answer.
> CAD, and parametric modeling, include, is a tool to ARTICULATE ideas and
> to express COMPLETELY your DESIGN INTENT to other people and to machines so
> your ideas can become reality.  Parametric Modeling is distinct from other
> forms of 3D modeling in that it allows you to define your models precisely
> such that there is NO AMBIGUITY to your design intent.  Every constraint is
> defined.
> Parametric Modeling also allows you to make changes to your design in an
> order that allows the changes to be inherited by the rest of your design
> that is dependent on the constraints that may have changed.  This is so
> that a small modification to length, width, spacing of screw holes, etc,
> does not require the reworking of all your dependent parts.  If you need to
> make one change that effect multiple part, you make one change, and
> ultimately, that change is propagated through out your design.
> So, GO ON! Get happy!  Get excited!  Get building in FreeCAD, and take
> notes and reflect on your user experience, because THIS SOFTWARE...it will
> shape the world.

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