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Sam Bleckley s at diiq.org
Tue Apr 23 05:53:20 UTC 2013

The Boss drum machine was missed then recovered. Kudos to Robert (rfmerrill
at berkeley.edu).

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Ethix.com (credit card processing) offered their services. The efficacy and
ethics of such a partnership was debated.

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Amir (ae.pascal at gmail) is writing a series of posts about nutrition,
lifestyle, and health for devs, especially in the game industry.

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Ben (superg at gmail) said: Noisebridge will have a presence at OHM. Sign
up to take part.

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Events scheduled tomorrow:
1500 Linux System Administration
1630 Intro to Databases
1800 Advanced Python
1830 Linux/BSD/UNIX
1900 Ruby on Rails
1900 Arduino blinky lights
2000 Weekly Meeting
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