[Noisebridge-discuss] New Arduino event anybody?

Tully Gehan Tully at SamuraiCircuits.com
Wed Apr 24 12:37:22 UTC 2013

Greetings everybody my name is Tully,

I live in Shenzhen China. I make and sell Arduino electronics. You can see
some of my stuff at www.SamuraiCircuits.com
I will be visiting the Bay Area from May 14 until May 28.
It would be fun to hold some events at Noise Bridge.
These are some ideas for topics:
how to have your product made in China
life, culture and language in modern China
how to use an Arduino. If people order soon, I can bring Arduino
duemilanoves. I can probably get them for $12 with a cable.

I will try to be at the Arduino lighting event on Tuesday May 14.

Also if any of you are working on some cool electronics or other projects
that you would like help with manufacturing in China just let me know.

you can reach me at Tully at SamuraiCircuits.com

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