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Sam Bleckley s at diiq.org
Thu Apr 25 03:32:10 UTC 2013

A group will be practicing 1000m+ shooting, both day and night. Email
Maestro (maestro415 at gmail) if you're interested.

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Jarek (jarek319 at gmail) asked about local electronic components
warehouses. Answers included:
* Electronics Central Computer
* HRO (Ham Radio Outlet)
* HSC http://halted.com/
* Weird Stuff http://www.weirdstuff.com/
* Al Lasher's http://allashers.com/
* Fry's (http://frys.com)
* Hobby Engineering (http://www. hobbyengineering.com/)
* Electronic plus (http://www.electronicplus.com/)
* Jameco
With more available on the maker map (http://themakermap.com/)
Hooray Andy, Seth, J.C., Garrett, and Casey!

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Events scheduled tomorrow:
1900 Food Hacking
1900 3D Printing and CNC
2000 Frontend Web Development Lab
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