[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge chem class?

trentspace at tormail.org trentspace at tormail.org
Mon Apr 29 19:33:16 UTC 2013

I'm not going to suggest that people make meth at Noisebridge. Also I am
using TOR for a reason, doofus. I am not posting my address here and I
onyl said that I was in Oakland.

Also my product is never kept on site. And besides, I see good people in
Noisebridge who can benefit from learning off of my skills.

I am not trying to make your space into a "meth lab". I am trying to teach
you guys chemistry.

- Trent

> desoxyephedrine .. otherwise known as "Meth", a Schedule II controlled
> substance.  (The brand name for this particular methamphetamine is
> "Desoxyn" even.)
> Did you really just post, to a public and monitored list, that you run
> a meth lab at home?  really?  .. and you're -ASKING- for help running
> a meth lab on top of it.
> Sir, I've heard of impaired judgement before .. but that takes the
> cake.   Have fun with the attention this posting is likely to generate
> with the local PD.   That said, please keep meth, meth sales, and all
> such things far .. far .. far away from Noisebridge.
> -M

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