[Noisebridge-discuss] OK, android class is GO

Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com
Tue Apr 30 18:55:44 UTC 2013

What: Android programming / java for droid class
Where: Noisebridge, probably in a classroom, but we're mobile =]
When: Mondays at 16:00 (4 pm), starting first week of May.
Why: to share the agony and the ecstasy of making creative efforts in
How: one generally programs droids with another machine. If you plan on
compiling a c/CPP library, then it is almost a necessity that this be an
x86. That said, most of droid programming uses java byte code, and there
are plenty of environments running on arm architecture that will make
programs with in java. Recommended: x86 laptop, a droid, and the usb to
connect them. Alternatively, if you grab a nexus 7, it is
possible--just--to develop on it, and I'll show you what I did, but the
journey is one of frustration followed by learning.

Of course, free-form, non-pedagogical droid hacking will be welcome,
provided it does not disturb the ret of the class-- who knows, do something
really cool and we'll teach it in a future class!

First class is hello world, but I plan to spend some time helping those
with projects in mind organize their thoughts into codeable offenses, so
bring your dreams. Java programming loves tasty dreams.

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