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There are three ways to get into tonight’s SOLD OUT talk by Daniel
Kahneman.  The easiest is to be a Long Now member and tune into the live
stream.  The second two involve showing up at the theater and standing
in line---getting there early helps; being a member helps.  In our
experience, most walk-ups get in, and conversations you have in the line
can be pretty interesting.

"Thinking Fast and Slow," Daniel Kahneman, Marines' Memorial Theater,
Union Square, San Francisco, 7pm, TONIGHT, Tuesday August 13.  The show
starts promptly at 7:30pm.

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We delude ourselves constantly. By relying on the lazy shortcuts that
intuition offers (such as “what you see is all there is”) we make wrong
decisions that could have been headed off with just a bit of disciplined
thought---using the abilities of our mind that are good at that.

No other psychologist has unmasked so many of the wondrous ways we
blithely make profound mistakes daily. Kahneman improves judgement.

The next SALT talk is:
Sept. 17 (Tue.) - Peter Schwartz, "The Starships ARE Coming"

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 --Stewart Brand (sb at longnow.org)

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