[Noisebridge-discuss] autodesk software donation

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Aug 14 22:53:45 UTC 2013

A nice person named Mike came by noisebridge the other night and 
generously donated shrink-wrapped Autodesk software, brand new in the box 
with the stickers on them.  He won them in a contest but never opened 

Included are the following: (all 2012)

Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate
Autocad Revit architecture suite
Autodesk Vault Pro
Autodesk Inventor Publisher
Autodesk Simulation Mechanical

Is anyone interested in this stuff?  If so please email me.  Ultimately 
the distribution of this software should benefit noisebridge in some way.

Also, if you hate autodesk and autodesk software for any reason, consider 
yourself heard and don't bother to write an email to me or the list about 
that.  This is closed-source software from a corporation that has ties to 
the military, DARPA, etc.  Yes we know.  You should use FOSS software 
instead.  Entertainment purposes only.  See your dealer for details.


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